Create a Comprehensive Strategy With Print

If you think print marketing is obsolete, think again. This medium reaches an monthly audience in the millions, making it a critical part of your overall marketing strategy. The trick is to use print design and marketing where it can best make an impact: creating synergy with your digital efforts to amplify your brand.

Why Try Print?

According to industry surveys, print advertising is perceived by potential customers as more trustworthy than digital ads. Print pieces have a long lifespan, adding value to your marketing investment. Because most companies are relying solely on digital campaigns, beautiful print design and execution will help you stand out from the crowd.

Smart Ways To Add Print to Your Campaigns

These are some of our favorite ways for small businesses to implement a print strategy:

  • Customer loyalty cards that provide a reward after a certain number of purchases
  • Business cards that allow you to trace a referral when a customer passes it along to a friend
  • Colorful coupons that will stick around on a customer’s fridge
  • Direct mail that highlights products and services
  • Special event invitations, posters and mailings

At Green Spring Marketing, we specialize in multimedia strategies that make the most of multiple marketing techniques. Get in touch with our representatives to learn more about how print design can bolster your business.