For many, the start of developing a great content marketing strategy can be difficult. It can seem hard to determine if your content is effective and stands the test of time. There are some best practices to keep in mind to make sure your content works and gives some return. These are the six best practices to deliver high-quality, effective content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is often ignored but is an extremely fruitful tactic in any digital marketing strategy. Emails engage more audience members than any other part of a marketing strategy. Email marketing is both easy to start up and maintain than social media or PPC. Here are two quick tips to run an email campaign:

  • Connect your blog to your email marketing. Use a subscribe section to your blog to collect leads and funnel your new content to your audience through your email list.
  • Send emails promoting your blog posts or updates to your websites. 

Email marketing retains your audience with consistent, informative messaging which will ensure they stay engaged.

Storytelling with Content

Use your blog to tell the story of your business, employees, and your stakeholders. Without personality, a brand is just a faceless entity that does not invite engagement. One of the first business strategies is to connect to people and an effective way to do this is by talking to them through your blog. All of your blog content should be the center of your brand messaging and social media content can follow from there.

Learn About Your Audience

Knowing what your audience wants to hear or learn about should be emphasized when expanding on your content strategy. By using analytics, you can use the data to shape information about your audience. Who are they and where do they live? What other interests do they have? What relationship does your brand have with their life? Speaking with customer service is a great way to learn about what your customers are communicating with them. Social media tools can monitor what your audience is talking about outside of the engagement on your page. Effective content marketing is impossible without connecting with your audience.