Marketing your business online is a vital aspect of running a successful company in the digital age. While you might already be deploying specific tactics in your attempts to reach broader audiences, you also need to think about the latest trends. The internet changes at a rapid pace and businesses need to stay aware of these changes in order to stay successful. You probably already use social media sites like Facebook to advertise your services. To take things to the next level, consider these new channels on social sites that you should be taking advantage of.


Influencers are quite big in the current marketing landscape. Whether you love or hate the idea, there’s little doubt that having people promote specific products is a surefire way of getting your brand noticed. The app known as Vero has become popular among young people because it touts itself as Instagram without the ads. Still, brands have figured out clever ways to advertise on this app. Using influencers to promote services is a fantastic way to take advantage of Vero and make yourself known to its users.


Perhaps the biggest social media app to emerge in the last year or so is TikTok. In fact, research suggests that this app was the 4th most downloaded application in all of 2018. The app works exactly like the now-defunct Vine application. Users can post short videos on a loop and share them with their followers. If you run a business that is specifically targeting younger audiences, then this is exactly the kind of platform you should be exploring for your marketing campaigns.


The video seems to be one of the dominant forces of content these days. In fact, most consumers would rather watch a video than read a blog post. Caffeine is an app much like Twitch that allows consumers to create and post live videos. As a brand, this means you can create all kinds of unique content to share with followers who might be interested in what you have to offer. This is a great way to generate attention to your brand and spread awareness.

Social media is a driving force behind how consumers spend their money these days. While classic options like Twitter and Pinterest are still viable, businesses need to stay mindful of the up-and-coming apps on the horizon. Look into the newest platforms and see whether or not your business can benefit from expanding its reach through these channels.