Are you making the most of your web traffic? Most small business owners can do better with just a few new conversion ideas. Try our tips to turn casual visitors into buyers. If you tackle one per week, your website will be “stickier” in a little over a month from now. Now’s the time to get started.

Optimize user experience

Your traffic could be bouncing due to frustration over not being able to find key information they’re seeking or inability to complete a desired transaction. Smooth things out with user testing. Hire testers (or ask friends) to try completing tasks on your site. Pinpoint where users get confused or go off track and take steps to clearly guide them through your site. Ensure your site is user-friendly with consistent, clear navigation. Check all browsers (including mobile browsers) for page appearance and short load times to improve user experience.

Evaluate your website design.

Your site’s appearance must be professional, to enhance trust and create an attractive brand image that will improve conversion rates. Go for clean design and include a generous amount of white space to make sure your key message gets attention. A crowded, confusing page is daunting and off-putting to visitors. Text should be easy to read and organized for easy scanning with an appealing color palette. Hiring a talented web designer is a necessity, not a luxury, so invest in quality and reap the business growth dividends.

Humanize your brand.

Build a strong relationship with your site visitors by making the most of your “About Us” page. Use this space to tell your business’ story, include history and show your passion for your field. Tell how and why you got into business and how things have evolved over the years. Create a Meet Our Team section to showcase your staff’s qualifications and personality. Share your company vision.

Get acquainted gradually.

Don’t rush the relationship and avoid asking for too much too soon. Be altruistic and give more than you receive early on, without requiring users to share too much personal information right away. Ensure that basic account signup is simple and buying is easy with few strings attached. If your site is valuable and appealing, they’ll be back and you can gather more details. You can ask for opinions and feedback, making returning loyal customers feel valued and heard. Let the relationship develop organically and do ask for reviews/testimonials.

Earn trust.

Use an SSL certificate and logo so that customers are comfortable buying form your or sharing their personal information. Add logos of professional or industry organizations you are involved with or certified by. Social proof is a powerful vetting tool — include linked logos of your social media pages, with numbers of shares, visitors, etc. These numbers indicate peer acceptance and show you’re valued, as well as trusted. Now al you have to do is live up to the stellar image you’re building!

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