When you promote products or services online, you compete with multitudes of other people who have the same goals. What sets you apart from the rest is your personal brand. Consumers are drawn to posts in which writers manifest authority and trust in a unique way. They are more likely to purchase products recommended by people with whom they develop a sense of camaraderie and kinship. Here are some tips on how you can create a sense of intimacy that draws customers to your personal brand.

Tell the Truth

Honesty is a rarity in the online world, and when you display it, consumers are drawn to you. Always tell the truth about the products and services you review, even if this makes you hesitant to recommend them. Once people realize that you tell it like it is, they will not only continue to rely on your judgment, but also point others in your direction. Additionally, interspersing your comments with anecdotes about your personal life gives a further air of authenticity to your presentations.

Use First Person

Although third person writings come across as authoritative and professional, first person narratives are much more intimate, and it is intimacy that attracts people to your personal brand. When you address readers in the first person, consumers feel as if you know them and are talking directly to them. Write as if you are having a one-to-one conversation. This engenders the trust that prompts them to purchase the products that you recommend.

Show Yourself

As a further expression of intimacy, post images of yourself to accompany your text. When people can see you, they know and trust you in a more personal way. If you’re describing a healthful exercise, for instance, or promoting a particular product, this offers an opportunity for readers to see you engage directly with your subject matter. Filling your site with high-quality images also makes it much more attractive to both loyal readers and casual browsers.

Go Live

Once you have posted images of yourself to draw attention to your personal brand, take the next step, and create videos. Providing live content for YouTube is a dynamic method of expanding your audience and creating an unforgettable impression. A video gives you the opportunity to offer a more complete expression of your personality, talents, and expertise than mere writing, and as such is an invaluable extension of your branding efforts. Many people who hesitate to take the time to read a written post are eager to watch content on YouTube and other video channels.